Lars Frantzen  /  Software

I am involved in the development of several open-source tools related to model-based testing. This page gives an overview, and links to the tools.

  • STSimulator – a Java library to simulate Symbolic Transition Systems. It has been applied in both academic and industrial projects. Some academic prototype tools which use the library are “Jambition”:“ (a test tool to automatically test stateful Web Services), WS-Guard (adding testing capabilities to the registration phase of Web Services), and Puppet (automatic generation of functional and extra-functional testbeds for Web Services).
  • iocoChecker – given a specification and an implementation Labelled Transition System, iocoChecker verifies if the ioco testing relation holds between them. iocoChecker has been recently integrated into the JTorX testing tool.
  • treeSolver – a simple server written in GNU Prolog which offers a socket connection to the constraint solver of GNU Prolog.