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My Crucial Social Media Tools

Wherever and whenever we are, we are living a world where social media has become a crucial part of our everyday live. We spend endless hours there, reading, discussing, and sometimes also writing. Probably the most important site of all is Facebook. And it sometimes scares me, when I see that Facebook seems to be the only source for news – privately and publicly – for more and more people.

Remember Buggles?

Nowadays we can sing “Facebook Killed the Blogging Star…”.

Ja… blogs, they still exist, but they got more and more professional, private blogs are getting seldom. If someone wants to share, Facebook is the way to go. And even public institutions in Germany like the Police are using Facebook to spread news. That is scary.

I left Facebook some time ago, for several reasons. Though, I am still having these two blogs, running the amazing Serendipity weblog engine. It is much less bloated than Wordpress, very easy to use, and has great support by its core team. If you consider running a reliable blog on your own, you should definitely consider Serendipity.

On twitter I am having two accounts, and if you have more than one, the official Twitter site and app just suck. Therefore I am currently using Hootsuite, which makes it much easier to deal with multiple accounts. You can also integrate other sites, like Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr… It all feels a bit stale, and I am not too happy with it, but it does its job so far.

Another technology I heavily use to aggregate all kinds of sources (blogs, news, pictures, …) is the good old RSS. After Google killed its Google Reader, probably because they saw it as competing with Google+, I switched to feedly. It is quite nice, also the app, and does what you would expect. You can share and integrate via many other services. Posts can be saved in boards, and you can also publish a collection of blogs in so called collections.

Even though you could also manage your podcasts with an RSS reader, it will be painful since RSS readers lack all the basic functionality of a full-blown podcast app. You want to remember and sync the exact listening position, maybe even have a variable playback speed, discover new podcasts, etc. So I am using here the very nice Pocket Casts.

I guess these are the most important tools I use every day. For some topics I am still lacking a good approach, like bookmarks. Probably I should have never left Delicious

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