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Check who Unfriended you on Facebook with Codeception

Facebook does not want to tell you who unfriended you. There are some mobile apps and internet services available which seem to check that for you, but I do not want send my Facebook data to some third party.

Since I work a lot recently with Codeception I had the idea to simply read all the listed friends directly from the Facebook website via the Selenium Webdriver (instead of using some API). And it seems to work quite well.

What it does (of course, automatically):

  1. login to Facebook
  2. go to your Facebook friends page
  3. scroll down until all friends are shown
  4. collect all friend names from the website
  5. compare the list with the one you saved before

Here comes the code doing this:


class checkFacebookFriendsCest {

    private $myOldFriends;
    private $firstTime = false;

    public function _before(AcceptanceTester $I) {

        // read the last list of friends, if exists
        try {
            $this->myOldFriends = json_decode(
                    file_get_contents("facebookFriends.json"), true);
            \Codeception\Util\Debug::debug('Last time I found ' .
                    count($this->myOldFriends) . ' friends.');
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            \Codeception\Util\Debug::debug('Found no friends file. Will '
                    . 'create one.');
            $this->firstTime = True;

        // login to Facebook
        $I->fillField('E-Mail-Adresse oder Handynummer', '');
        $I->fillField('Passwort', 'yourPassword');

    // tests
    public function checkFacebookFriends(AcceptanceTester $I) {

        // unless we see "Mehr über" we scroll down to see all friends
        while (true) {
            try {
                $I->see('Mehr über', 'h3');
            } catch (Exception $e) {

        //  count all friends
        $myFriends = $I->grabMultiple(['xpath' => "//a[contains(@data-gt,"
            . " 'engagement')]"]);

        \Codeception\Util\Debug::debug('I found ' . count($myFriends) .
                ' friends.');

        // save new friends list
        file_put_contents("facebookFriends.json", json_encode($myFriends));

        if ($this->firstTime)

        // show result
        if ($this->myOldFriends === array_intersect($this->myOldFriends,
                $myFriends) && $myFriends === array_intersect($myFriends,
                        $this->myOldFriends)) {
            \Codeception\Util\Debug::debug('No Changes!');
        } else {
            $diff = array_diff($this->myOldFriends, $myFriends);
            if (!empty($diff)) {
                \Codeception\Util\Debug::debug("You lost these friends:\n");
            $diff = array_diff($myFriends, $this->myOldFriends);
            if (!empty($diff)) {
                \Codeception\Util\Debug::debug("You won these friends:\n");

Note that you need to adapt a few things:

  1. your email
  2. your password
  3. your FacebookID in the link to the Friends page

Also, when you are not using the German Facebook page:

  1. the name of the login label for the username
  2. the name of the login label for the password
  3. the name of the text which indicates that all friends are loaded (currently “Mehr über”)

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