When Companies Fail - Instacanvas

There are a few typical wrongdoings which can be faced every now and then, always making we wonder why people redo this crap. A prominent example here is:

Make it hard for your customers to leave you

For some reason you decide to stop doing business with a company. In the simplest case you just want to delete your account at some site. What you would expect is that:

  1. It is easy and straightforward to find the page where you can delete your account
  2. It is easy to do the deletion

Instead, what you often find is:

  1. It is hard to find the page where you get the information to delete your account
  2. You have to go through an unnecessarily complex process to do the deletion

What is the mindset behind this approach? Such companies really seem to think that:

When I make it hard for a customer to leave me, he might give up and stay

Maybe that is taught in some antiquated book on marketing. Believe me, it is bullshit. And an interesting view on people. There might be some fools who really behave in such a manner, but most people would not like to be seen and treated like that. It is similar to a romantic relationship, If I decide to leave you, deal with it, behave like an adult and let me go.

The example of the day where I felt like being treated like a fool is Instacanvas, a page where you can offer your pictures for various commercial products. Since I was bothered by the amount of emails they sent me recently I decided to delete my account. It is quite easy to find the page, but then this:

Deleting your account
We’re very sorry to see you go, but if you’d like to delete your instacanv.as account please send us an email with the subject line “Delete My Account”, your gallery URL, and reason for leaving to: help@instacanv.as

Sorry Instacanvas, but you must be kidding:

  1. Why do I need to send an email, where is the button to let me delete my account right away?
  2. Why do you need my gallery URL, I am logged in, you know my URL in this very moment!
  3. It is none of your business why I delete my account. If I want to tell you (read this post again), I do, if not, deal with it.

Sad to see that relatively fresh companies play this foolish game with you. I will send you your stupid email. And we do not part as friends.

Update: I just sent them the email, and got an email response back. A lot of text guessing why I may have decided to leave, etc. I was already about to delete the email and consider the case as closed, when I read the last line:

If you’d still like to delete your account, please respond to this message with your username.

This is really getting absurd now. The guys at Instacancas must be quite desperate. But that is no excuse for this ongoing farce…

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