New Site Theme

This site and blog has a new design, and I must say I really like it! It is a slight adaption of the 2k11 theme by Matthias Mees. His professional help made this theme installation and adaption possible. If you need an excellent web designer you should definitely consider contacting him. 2k11 is the upcoming default theme for the wonderful Serendipity blog system. It implements a Responsive Web Design, therefore it adapts dynamically to the size of the display in use (like a tablet or mobile phone display). That is why it does not only look great on all kind of devices, it is also not necessary anymore to switch to a dedicated mobile theme when being accessed from a small screen device . If you want to learn more about Serendipity and the 2k11 theme, and if you understand German, than you should listen to the corresponding episode of the S9y InfoCamp podcast.

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