JTorX now with Integrated STS Support

JTorX v1.7.0 has been released. You can download it here:

It now comes with integrated support for STS models via the STSimulator library. In my previous blog post Modeling Symbolic Transition Systems in XML I have explained how one can express STS models in XML. Such an XML file can now be given directly to JTorX. As file suffix .sax is assumed. There are some example files available.

This gives a nice environment for fully symbolic testing. JTorX allows to dynamically visualize the STS models while they are used for testing and simulation. Instantiations for input values can be generated automatically, etc.

JTorX can be used for testing a real system, or for testing a system being simulated via another model. This allows to use JTorX for both – testing real world systems, and for exploring the underlying theory and algorithms. Feel free to try it out, feedback is always welcome!

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